Captivate Expertise

db programming services


Our Database Programming Service provides sustainable solutions to store, organize and manage data using MS SQL and MySQL, while still maintaining its integrity.

mobile appliocation


Our Mobile Applications or Apps provide a lucrative method to reach customers by Captivatinguser needs with a user-friendly interface using IOS (Objective C/Swift), Android (Java/Kotlin), etc.



Creating logical insights from a ton of complex data is our forte. We tone data down to be easily understandable using Microsoft BI Solutions like SSIS and SSRS. .

web development


Our Web Development Service provides alluring websites to stand out in the ocean of the web, while retaining the ease of use for customers. Website development is done with a variety of languages like HTML5/CSS3, NodeJS , JavaScript, etc.

product development


We seed the development of exceptional Products right from scratch. Conceptualizing, designing and developing the product, we’ll do it all and provide the best.

application development


Our Application Development Service crafts state of the art software to meet all the client requirements by using the desired programming languages.


about us

Captivate SoftechSimply Captivates Vision with Excellence

We, at Captivate Softech, always strive to stay true to our name by captivating our client’s vision. Our Software design and development services build solutions for a multitude of problem statements. Software development is done through Cloud Service Applications, Internet and Intranet Applications and Standalone Applications using various programming languages. Our website development service aligns with the client’s needs while still providing ease of use to the end user. For this genre, our teams specialize in SPA applications along with the other domains.

Our DB programming service gives a complete solution to the client’s database management needs and organizes the data, while effectively preserving its integrity. We use database management systems like MS SQL and MySQL for the same. We offer Information Systems Services through which we help our clients gather, process, store and communicate information effectively to enhance the efficiency.

Also, we build eye-catching mobile IOS and Android applications or apps that both sell the client’s services to the end customer and provide solutions to the end customer’s issues. While we generate top-notch results, we also manage to meet every need of our clients and their customers as well.


We provide services in the medical sector concerning the improvement of health and maintenance of the same, along with the prevention and Serve the needs of the clients by developing applications ground up or enhance the existing applications due to ongoing changes in the business environment.

health care edi


We are proficient in helathcare transactions like 837P, I, 835, 834, 278 and acknowledgment transactions like 277CA, 999, TA1.


The transaction of buying and selling online is E-Commerce. We develop technologies like mobile based e-commerce, electronic fund transfer, logistics, etc. that are needed for any E-commerce business.




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  • Captivate Softech Pvt Ltd is an US based IT company, that has been offering professional IT services to many well known big companies.